Tuesday, 6 January 2009

image transfer day pt1 how to with Rose

Rose generously held the workshopping day on image transfers at her studio in the adelaide hills, it's a lovely spot in amongst apple orchards with sweet views all round, we enjoyed a yummo lunch under the front verandah and then got stuck into it..

the space is brilliant plenty of room to move around and have a few work stations, it was a warm day but lovely up there.. Rose, Ali and myself brought together some of our own images played around with them in photoshop and did a layout each on A4 page transparency film, the images printed from bubblejet printer leaves ink kinda floating on the surface, these we dusted with copper carb one at a time and either direct transferred onto the clay or tissue for an indirect transfer.

we had varied results with 1 or 2 copies from the one image successfully 3 was pushing it, experimented with leather hard clay to bone dry, I found the damper transfer was a stronger image..

anyhoo lots of pics and a little vid to enjoy, sorry about the watermark i couldn't import the vids from my phone directly so grabbed this little promo vs of software to try..

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