Wednesday, 14 January 2009

carved plaster molds

here's some stuff i've been working on this week, just playing with colour application on to plaster flat molds they're carved with the imagery that i accentuate after the bisque firing with some more line work.

i also seem to have solved the photo emulsion product for silk screening search for the week, i went looking for 5 star which i used at college but of course that was a few years back and the product is no longer stocked or made i suppose. i had a call from premier art supplies today from a very friendly guy prob the manager, with answers to all my questions, they had a very long list of notes stuck onto the counter with ??'s for so and so...glad they read them!!
so when i pick up the tracing paper i can get stocks of the emulsion and cleaner too... yey.....

kevin also welded a new section to support the flue system and attached it to kiln this week, thanks kev... unfortunately holidays are over but i hope for a while i'll still have some extra studio time to play with all this new stuff...


  1. Thanks Ang, how come you sent the link to Emily? I don't understand? Also I was suprised to hear that the man you were doing the tables for had died, what happens now?
    I don't understand how everyone gets to put all these great videos on their blog, I am still trying to work out how to put Emily's blog list on my blog and as you can tell I'm not a happy chappy at the moment.

  2. You are doing some really interesting work. Will the imagery on these become part of your tile series?

  3. hey judith i've emailed you some info on vids hope it helps.

    hey patricia, the grandpa imagery is a constant image for me it's from a B&W photo i have of my grandfather in the UK sitting on a crate in the greenhouse, as for the dining stuff that's a repeat too, i think when you relate to something variations on the theme just continue, so the answer is probably yes....

  4. hi paul, its a nice solid piece of work eh, just a bit of fibre and some slurry and we'll be up and running again..