Tuesday, 30 December 2008

secret santa strikes again!!

wow again, i just got home from the club and another mysterious brown parcel awaits....what a treat paul jessop secret santa'd the upside down land, well and me! woohoo..... truly lovely paul thankyou very much, such super throwing you boys all have i now have 5 red clay pots in my kitchen/dine/living room i say that because it's an all in one room really. blessed today with a yummy jug very decent size too and a wee egg cup with the most delicate deco you really did spoil me, but thanks mucho....its sooo nice to hold the very work i love to see online in my own hands, nothing like it....


  1. Hi Ang, I'm glad they got there OK.
    I hope you know how to make your toasted soldiers for the boiled eggs.
    I was walking through the village the other day and spotted a man having boiled eggs on his dining room table using one of my egg cups, this all seems so wierd!
    and now there they are in Aus !!!

  2. You are indeed very lucky!!

    Don't ya just love getting packages in the mail?

    To answer your question you left on my blog -

    Wordpress works on both Mac or PC. In fact, the “elegant grunge” theme I chose for the Potters Guild site was designed on a MAC. Most theme developers make sure the themes look good in multiple browsers and operating systems. There’s a whole slew of forum threads related to MACs - http://wordpress.org/search/mac?forums=1 if you need any light reading…

  3. hey paul yep sure do, i kinda like my eggs overcooked these days so the soldiers would just hit hard egg!

    hey cynthia, i do, and been very spoiled this month..
    oh super i'll get on it asap then...light reading, goodie i do like a bit of research..