Thursday, 11 December 2008

Alice & dippy

I'm still catching up on journal drawings this is the remainder of the alice in wonderland drawing for tiles
i'll find some suitable text for the shrubbery.. a card trick or two, and finally the knaves knees...

I have one more sale sunday prior to christmas at stirling in the adelaide hills sunday 21st december, drop by if your in town straight up the freeway in druids avenue, main street of stirling 10am - 4pm.

some 'new' old work a slip cast mold I made at college makes for great little dippy bowls..... all sold at my open studio last saturday... so back the studio for me, lots of making to do and play time in January my yearly ritual it usually introduces a load of new work for the year to come.

and my fav. lunch view today a little muggy outside and it's just stopped raining, lovely we need some of that... ciao for now...and happy potting all...


  1. I am very envious of your drawing skills. Ron Philbecks as well. It is just something I can not do with this kind of life and animation.

  2. I'm a huge fan of your sketch book drawings! Awesome....

    The dipping bowls rock too!

  3. Love the sketches and hope you post the tiles! Will be awesome, I'm sure! Great dippy bowls. Love those legs!

  4. morning all, thanks so much, line drawings are just's years of practise like throwing, i used to draw everyday out of necessity for work, now it's all fun...if you feel so inspired take any drawing class you can, great teachers are out there...