Saturday, 6 December 2008

open studio and week catchup

what a brilliant day!....I had lots of visitors today, met neighbours, and drop ins from the street sign... A BIG THANKYOU to family and friends who came by today and those who took home my new work enjoy!!

It was an all weather day today, wet & dry but finished lovely...I still have packing up to do but dinner was calling yummo curry, off to pack up in a mo...

what a mixed week! fired a few kilns, some major disasters and also happy glaze firings......

new style work in satin black megga blue crackle disaster.....
raw glaze progress, yey, came up a charm, thanks allan....lovely finish

colour tiles test for tables looking good......
other tile works and animal bowls........



  1. love the tile Angela, thankyou so much,

  2. That satin black looks great, and the forms are interesting. The animal bowls look like they'd be great for little kids (and adult kids!)... You sure have a wide range of styles. You've been busy!

  3. hey matt, thanks dude..

    hi patricia, I blame the diversity on an inability to focus!! hehehee.....

  4. Fantastic firing results!! I love the matte black glaze too...

    re: disasters Why does clay have such uncertain outcomes sometimes? It's not like painting or drawing, where once you put the mark on the page you have to worry about cracking, etc.

  5. the black glaze always surprises me it seems to do wonderful things to the form....i think this glaze in particular the blue crackle is sooo temperamental because of the tension required for the crazing, fire too high it bubbles, pieces too thin they crack...glaze too thick...etc etc.... its just not that simple ehh?? i could probably crack some paper too!!

  6. Hi Down There, I love the colour you have so much colour.
    This year has been so dull here I'm thinking of making a matt grey glaze to match.!!!

  7. hey paul, maybe it's got something to do with that hole in the ozone layer the light reflects so brightly here i'm surrounded by colour.....