Tuesday, 23 December 2008

guess who's on deck today??

wow lookie lookie lookie......all my christmases have come at once this week..
pete found his way across many oceans and found a new home on deck, thanks ron what a surprise!
i've come over all wallace and grommit fingers wiggling..... that's just lovely, so we all went on deck for some sun....what a sight! thats mine in the middle soon to be heading off o/s also....the thing i like most about wrong way pete,....he came with his own medal....


  1. Yey, glad you got the package. Enjoy.

  2. Many nice boxes to your deck Ang! :)
    Merry Christmas, lady! Here's to 2009!

  3. Happy Christmas Ang,
    Hope to catch up with you soon,Judy

  4. Lucky girl!!

    Hope you had a great holiday!

  5. Great packaging! Thanks for showing it to us. I always draw my little bird on letters and packages, but I must admit that Ron has totally schooled* me on this subject.

    *maybe you are not familiar with this slang; it means out-did me or taught me a lesson

  6. yep i'm with you, it's amazing what you pick up from the tv... it's a nice personal touch drawing on the packaging must give the postie a smile! I did draw on my parcel this christmas but it was more for the handlers to take care, hope it worked....