Sunday, 28 September 2008

to market to market...

Hello chaps, lovely day, sprinkle of rain and lots of cheery sunshine. My trip up this morning was mixed with bay to birdwood vintage cars chugging there way on the annual run.

A couple of close-ups of Roses new work, mug and plate sets & circle motif bowl set and our stall today..


  1. I love the variety in your motifs and the luscious glazes. I particularly like the raku bottles. Hope you gals made many a sale!

  2. Lovely work in both videos! I was digging the music in the first :)

    Looks like a great day for going to the market.

  3. I agree with Cynthia, the music was very Funkadelic in the first one, and a bit seductive in the second, I wonder if that could be a sales technique like they do in the supermarket.
    Earth Wind & Fire might be a bit too obvious I guess!!
    Nice work in both.

  4. hey becky, it was alovely day with lots of people we did well for sept..

    hi C, it's all imovie, just playing around reallly...
    twas a good one...

    mmm can you put music on etsy??? sorry i don't have any EW&F, ta paul

  5. Bloomin' lovely variety of really top notch work Ang, well done flower.

  6. Ahh Dougstar, glad you like...