Sunday, 31 August 2008

what to do with an ikea bin

this is such a brilliant idea I had to post it an article by Meridith Hinchcliffe about how to make a raku kiln from an ikea bin with stefan jakob..


  1. Hi Angela,I agree with you this is a great idea.
    We are going to try this out up at mount barker.
    I will let you know how we go.
    cheers Anna

  2. cool...please take notes!!! & pics

  3. Hi, I am tagging you. If you don’t want to participate that’s understandable. If you do then just check out my post Sunday,Aug.31 for the rules. Have a great day! Don’t hate the messenger! I’m just a sheep in the herd!

  4. That is cool! Seems like it is budget minded too.