Wednesday, 9 July 2008

yada yada

A long day today more of finishing the teapots today with handles on both ends, curly lid handles and a little hand draw line work, I'll get some pics later this week also working on the mugs and cups, I hope to get on with those on friday.. Tomorrow is a trip to the new gallery in the Barossa to drop off some pieces in between work..and a shot of my fav. copper red, I can't really post without pics, just not cricket really....

These snaps are courtesy of my nieces who did a contiki tour earlier this year, the house is our old place in sedgley, we moved out to australia when I was 6, it looks the same apart from the front window, my cousin looked after them and gave them a local tour, that followed by a nice trip to europe i think they had fun!!


  1. love your copper red,might have to do some trading,

  2. oh, the bug has hit....let the trading catch on...

  3. They look like they're having a good time.

    Lovely to see your pots in the gallery, they look wonderful, well done, I hope it goes with a swing.