Wednesday, 16 July 2008

help needed!

I'm seriously wiped out today, maybe i should get a helper! I'm all a bit achey really.. anywho happy with these lot today, the handles were a bit chunky so i decided to facet them, they're a little funky its all down to the right colour choice now and i must hit the Pug Mill for a nice concoction of stains to put in the glaze..

I have a team of teapots in recycled and the creamy body and just enough cups & mugs to go around. I'm leaving the r/c stoneware till last they can go in the gas kiln.. and the cups from the wkd still need handles etc that will be fri/sat job now..thats all for now a nice curry and more work awaits..


  1. Those faceted handles are sweet! Sounds like a looooong day, but very productive!

  2. These look really great Ang. I look forward to seeing how the fine incised lines come through the glaze. Hope the aches subside.

  3. not too far of to glaze firing now results in a weekish..