Monday, 22 May 2017

Ang Walford Ceramics_Pit Firing videos...

Hello!...May brings us into pit firing and raku season! It's the time of year that open air fires are permitted and due to the nature of both pit firing and raku ( we wood fire both) the season is declared open!!

Hers's a few pics from the firing. The big burn for 2017 🔥 goodbye pot sculpture and hello amazing pots that came out of the pit…
The big pot sculpture frame is something I made in 2000 and only had time to make and fire one large pot in the college kilns. So it seemed a fitting time to send her off into the fire this month as my studio is filling rapidly and space is of a premium. 

Anyhoo, video links below will take you to facebook live links. So follow me on facebook for the next ones...I also do Periscope live vids from the studio, you can follow me there too! Find the App in your store or watch on periscope TV You can also type in 

Seeya round!

It's Pit Firing Day_ live video

The results_ live video... see the video here

Monday, 16 January 2017

hot chocolate marble ware...

Working with my local terracotta / red earthenware body and firing up to a toasty warm red colour! So this is the new series based on the gas fired version of Hot Chocolate wares.

The last kiln load experienced a shattered cone in the kiln sitter - see clay buddies on facebook for some excellent first hand chat on what's happened...see below

Other than than little experiment there's been some larger scale vases happening and slipping them is a fun task!! more results this week as I figure out he pin holing thing that hasn't happened before, this time I soaked the kiln for an hour, lets see if that did it!!

And very soon a new web shop will be happening... keep your eyes peeled for that!!
Ciao for now ;)

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

In Studio...

Hi all, it's been a while...

here's a little something I prepared earlier!!