Tuesday, 7 June 2011

one word KLINE...

This was one jam packed day!! our second stop was Mr Michael Kline's Pottery...I'll let the images speak coz there be plenty of them...

I rather enjoyed this stop at MK's workshop we checked out the space played with local clay and wandered around some confederate gravestones, Doug got to jump in the clay pit, avoid the poison ivy and Hannah did her best Sound of Music pose on the hillside :)) and we drank tea...and ron got to talk shop with MK.

We got to fondle lots of pots and took home our very own samples of his lovely work and some super brushworked paper plates, mines still atop the fridge!

Thankyou MK I trust a well deserved break from sawdust and dirt gets you recharged for other things...well enjoy the Kline experience..

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  1. Yay! Great video! Such fun we all had.