Monday, 30 May 2011

we found Q...

we found Q..... up the Lobethal Road turn right on to Onkaparinga Valley Rd Woodside at you're there Barristers Block Winery and the Q gallery....very sweet space and it will definately work for us for our SALA show in August... The show is title '3 Seasons in One Day' and we're working on wall themed work with some complimentary works in a plinth area too...

It should be nice, after our chat we Beck 'Q Gallery owner' the chocolate factory up the road was calling us!! never been to Melbas they had everything I remember munching on as a kid and their dark chocolate was rather good... next door is a cheese place too but no sheeps

The board meeting continued at Oakbank pub with some swanky outdoor furniture on deck only problem the seats were rain blessed and a tad damp after one had been sitting for a while :P I lucked out with the only dry seat I think hehehehhe... so meeting over lunch and Rose is now 'the pursuader' Ali 'the Pr Pr person' and me 'a rock star' apparently must be the jacket!!! we are pretty much sorted except for writing the artists statement pffft I'm rubbish at these so this will be fun... sourcing some extra lighting will be necessary but everything else is sorted, oh that and creating the work in time....wooho

hello cocky....
outdoors entertaining area at Barristers Block Winery

Q space
Rosa and Ali pondering the setup
melbas chocolate factory mixers hmmmm concrete??
no really they were!!

exit pose :))


  1. What a great space- so you are having a show there? Sounds great!
    oh and goodies-Chocolate goodies!

  2. hey meredith yep!! should be great come august it will be a tad warmer and hills folk come out all weather anyway :)) wine and art nothing better!

  3. GREAT Rooster!!! Was thinking of you as I drank tea from your cup this morning :o)

  4. hey cindy I think hes supposed to be an eagle judging by that beak but man he had some drumsticks on him :P awww sweet!!

  5. I'm worried that those giant smarties are some sort of alien life form that is gathering numbers prior to a great battle for world domination... (I've been watching too many ancient Dr Who episodes lately!!). Loved the photo of the chocolate making machines, it really did look like a serious art installation.
    Congrats on the group show, it looks like a great setting for it, and I hope it goes well for you. P :)