Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Slipware Tour USA.....Ron's end....

 And Ron's end... this pretty much says it all in pics folks..... the end of the Slipware Tour USA -  british invasion tour... we saw, we slipped, we laughed, we cried till it hurt!!! I still can't believe we crammed so much into 3 and a half weeks....
Ron Philbeck met us at Kevin Crowes place.. a lovely guy who took us on a tour of is wood fired kiln....don't worry i have notes and videos a plenty so much more footage to come!! what great folks lunch was all set when we arrived and a table full of wood fired pots to eat from mmmmmm..... So we get on the road with Ron and head for Shelby where the next workshop was to take place, a one dayer because of the easter wkd break and wow did Doug and Hannah pack everything in :P The puzzle jug demo, the lovely slip drawn jugs....the slide talks and movies you saw it all peeps!!....Hannah was busting her moves with baking dishes, the 'über Platter' and her lovely slip trailed jugs......

It was exhausting and I wasn't working!!! anyhoo around the workshop we went to Ashville for the day....sat in great rocking chairs of which i am now on the hunt for!! a trip to Penland... Michael Hunt and Naomi Dalglish's for lunch yum : )) and Michael and Stacey Kline's for afternoon tea, well that's all in the next catch up enjoy this vid from the workshop below.....cheers!!!!

Some pre wkshp prep time..

testing testing....the puzzle jug

kevin crowes place and lunch deck

über platter...


  1. YEA BABY! Love the tunes with the slipware ROCK stars!

  2. Awesome stuffs :)

  3. Fab video & great pics! Thanks for more memories!

  4. Love it Ang! That is just the biz. Well done you!x

  5. heheheh slippery rock stars they be meredith :P

    hey jess!!!!!!!

    gary man, sorry didnt catch up with you... had an awesome couple of days in new york with my bud judi :))

    becky your sweet bird is overlooking my computer space :))

    H baby... hope your back in your time zone now :)) chat soon sweet x

  6. Wonderful video and pictures. It was a GREAT day. Great memories. Thanks!

  7. Welcome back to this side of the World again. Lovely to have been able to follow your adventures in the USA, and to see something of Doug and Hannah in action. It must have been such a tiring, but great time. I imagine that you will either.... now sleep for about 3 weeks to get over it, or be so hyped up that you will be producing huge amounts of new work!

    Really lovely people in the US, and some great looking studios too!

  8. hey john, cheers it was a fun day!!!

    hey peter I was thinking of you while at Meredith's and how much you would have loved it there... Getting over the lag now and hopefully into next week i'll have more energy :)) hopefully you will be able to re plan your trip and make it over there!!