Monday, 23 May 2011

oh look...seriously....

oh look seriously how much rain do we need on a sunday it's market day after all!!!!

Ha!! totally exhausted from saturdays wedding vid shoot.... sunday looked promising.. no rain all the way on the road up to Stirling but seriously folks it didn't last we got set up and down it came.
I successfully gathered buckets of water in our pots the roof gave way towards the end and gushes of water spilled on to our tables.. My ski jacket is good for the cold but basically absorbs the rain and i was drenched..

The market was officially shut down at 2pm with gusts of wind flying up the street we held on tightly to our marquee and all was good....Drenched I headed of to woolies loo to dry off under the hand dryer I seriously looked like a drowned rat and managed the best i could you know those hand dryers just arent intended or have the gusto for drying hair :P

So we headed off to Roses place donned the jammies gladly and a very spec dressing gown whilst my clothes dried off in the dryer....we had a few nice glasses and watched Isacc Buttton do his thing along with Nic Collins ate an early tea of wedges, chicken and green salad before i headed off home to fall asleep on the couch... all in all a spectacular day!!! .......enjoy the drips!!!!


  1. What a day you had! After a day of no customers there is nothing as fun as packing up in the rain.

  2. That really, really su*ks!
    You're putting a good face on it though.

  3. You KNOW I feel your pain. My first show of the season, the worst tornadoes in North Carolina's history blew through, second show, rain, third show, rain, and then this Saturday's show, rednecks with no money. I am just about done with the outdoor tent thing! Sorry it was so bad, but it looks like you guys made the best of it in the end! Hoping for better weather for you next week!!

  4. I LOVE your videos! A bowl FULL of rain water -arrrgh! What a cool market venue -sans rain! I'm sipping tea from your mug right now :) feel the happy vibe?

  5. PERFECT pottery-selling weather!

  6. thanks all we had a few customers but they rapidly ran away and who could blame them really!!
    feeling the vibe cindy glad you're enjoying it!
    and i have to unload all my gear and give it a clean out my boxes are full of water :P