Thursday, 26 May 2011

like it...

Oh nothing like a couple of hours in the studio to cheer oneself up!!. Thursday has been cold and wet and cold and I'm over it already do we really need winter, it's just so hard to get up into a cold studio but I made it, cranked up the lil bar heater that is my source of warmth, stacked the water jug infront to warm it up and got stuck in...

I did already have an idea of the style of work I wanted to get into today just not fully intent on form I looked quickly at the batch of bisque pots from last week and they're loose just not quite loose enough but you never can tell til a piece is glazed and maybe they're just right... 

I wonder about the market place and how it will receive this type of work but have a determination now since coming home to give it a go and really put some work out there that represents the gusto and groove that the US trip gave me.... It's difficult to put into words but I want to take some time to develop a fresh look, of form and set work.. so todays studio bash albeit a short, 2 hours developed from a piece from my last shino firing I refired a tiny cup that say it all for's sweet and kinda wobbly but not very.. the glaze work really sells it for me it's shino and carbon and all that i love about firing in my gas kiln... so todays efforts I started with the tray and moved into small bowls, then some tiny cups from about what's half of 3/4's of a lb.. I say lb's coz that's what the scales measure that I weigh out my clay on... I'm also in a privileged position to be using clay already pugged and grogged from my big pot making sessions in march and enough to keep going for another session me thinks, then back to the processing!!

This week has been awesome for hearing about SALA shows, Ali and myself spent Monday putting together our registration for a group show between us 3 and I caught up with Rose after work to keep her up to date with our it all sorted and completed by 11.30 pm so why does it take us so long to normally organise a show???? So for SALA our show is called '3 Seasons in One Day' @ Q Gallery Woodside, we've already had interest from Adelaide Hills magazine hopefully this is a good sign and the emails keep coming this week about SALA shows.. I have the opportunity at this point for about 5 during the month of August and we'll see what works out the closer it gets, it will be one very busy month!! 

anyhoo going on a bit, I'm a tad tired and need some good sleep really... last wkd took some toll on me and my market wares are still very wet, I'm currently drying them out a box at a time in my studio :)) well cheers and here's to the end of the working week.. friday be good..


  1. A trip is always good for some inspiration. I threw a big teapot yesterday and was somehow compelled to put a beak, wings, and eyes on it.

  2. These are really great!!!! I love the loose feel of them, the forms are your best yet I think. Definitely seeing that your trip was good for you, Shino shino!!!

  3. They look good from this distance, Ang. How will you glaze them?

  4. ha dennis let me know if they start flying around your studio!!!

    trace cheers mate, I am quite happy that intention came out of my hands yesterday :P

    hollis cheers man, I have 3 shino glazes in mind but maybe not my usual I think it maybe too red for this work and def overlaps but keeping it simple using 1 or 2 at the most on a piece..

  5. hi ang, totally loose and letting the clay be clay i see. those surfaces should interact with glaze treatment very dynamically. i sometimes think i should let go a bit and see what happens.

  6. hey jim I think you already 'let go' with that crazy deco of yours!!! love it espec... the new writing style I see one of those pieces in my future :P very cool...we'll chat..

  7. NICE! Looking forward to glaze phase!