Wednesday, 20 April 2011



Unreal it's catchup time again....these images are from last thursday in Washington DC, an hours trip from the farm in Fredericksburg to the big smoke DC itself..A visit to the Native American Museum with huge traditional art exhibitions and contemporary ones too..

The amazing sculpture garden complete with squirrels and interesting security guards....some really amazing sculptures and brilliant views..We had picnic lunch in the city at a park not far from Dan's friends bookshop...Its a truly stunning city but not a cup of tea to be found anywhere but the main park from a kiosk where Liptons came to the rescue!!!

 The Peacock room at the Freer Museum was amazing..

All in all another amazing day filled with great art and amazing characters.....

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  1. We are still pinching our selves to be sure you were really here!
    Loved meeting you all it will be a time I will cherish.
    Enjoy the rest of the trip.