Monday, 11 April 2011

Cape Cod workshop day one...


Saturdays workshop in Cape Cod at the local High School Doug and Hannah started with a slideshow and some home movies which were great!!!

 and the obligatory student torture how to drink from a puzzle jug...

It was tag team all day with both working and decoing apart from when doug slacked off and drank tea....later we had some munchies and I got to tour Hollis's gallery in the garden so much cool stuff mega shino :)) swapsies of course were in order...


  1. YEA! Happy to see you are there!

  2. hey meredith....see you real soon i hope...

  3. I am sooooo jealous! How fun :o) ENJOY yourself and drink in all of that creativity and friendship!

  4. Bet Hannah is a real pro by now! Hope you're enjoying your trip Ang. I'm off to NY tomorrow and then the west coast....shame it couldn't have all tied the workshops are great....say Hi to both for me
    Amanda x

  5. cheers cindy....its all fun and so different we're having a really cool time..

    hey amanda really what a bummer.... new york was amazing it would have been great to meet up :)) the wkps are going well hannah's in checking her slips for this wkd at the mo... will say hi for you we must coordinate next trip!!!!have super time...