Monday, 21 March 2011

shinos baby...

mmmmm... not bad considering the underfiring..

The celedon's will need a refire but everything else came out noice!!!

intro 'The Planets Introduction And Variations On A Theme' By Rossini played by the London Symphony and 'The Cave' by Mumford and Sons


  1. Lovely, Ang. Nice carbon-trap on some of them, eh?

  2. nice eh happy with this firing :))

    hey likey.. i'll bring some pieces down to club tomorrow

  3. great little video! i am in a love/hate relationship with shino... you've got some good looking ones there.
    too bad about the celadon... i hate re-firing things :-(

  4. hi michelle thanks, it's taken a few firings to learn this kiln and my glazes :)) the bowls are good its the big plates that will need a refire and quite often the 2nd firing works a treat..

  5. shinos baby! love the mumford brother soundtrack.