Thursday, 10 March 2011

driving like a granny...

Oh some groovy stuff goin down this week.... I dropped into one of the places I have some work this week for a chat to see how things are going and was invited to take part in an interiors expo in May this year... It's a really cool idea a setup with all kinds of gear furnishings and everything that goes with it... more when I know the details, so I really got inspired today to make a few more tiles :))

Some earthenware tests and a midfire yummo green...

And my car load for the trip home...some new cups and a few bowls about to get the shino treatment :))
you know it's crazy around here on the short treck home, I need to hang a 'driving like a granny' sign up in my window... you think they'd be used to me by now turtling around the round- a -bouts :P


  1. The interiors expo sounds like a fun opportunity, Are they requesting anything in particular or looking for a specific size?

  2. I remember those days, crawling along with a trunk full of pots. I did it for years, it seems....

  3. Congrats on the expo invite -- and boy haven't we all driven delicate pots to their kilns - but you don't even have yours wrapped in bubble wrap -- you must be driving like a granny - lol

  4. howdy zyg, no up to me so I'm going with the 30 cm square tiles...they seem to be the most popular plus I'll put in some smaller ones to help the display combo :))

    Ah trace see those were the days...

    hey judy no bubble for these ones, i had no packing with me and totally forgot they were in the kiln :))) yes i really mean driving like a granny.....