Tuesday, 18 January 2011

the swirls have it...

 This week is looking like a sort it out and gets things finished week!! With the large platters i'm testing a white satin c6 over the top of the green satin glaze that came out almost black and pushing the firing a bit higher another 20 deg to see what happens with this glaze combo..

and the monster cups got some slip trail action very thin 'black' lines, nothing like a nice swirl line...i'd run out of black powdered stain so did the old red iron oxide, cobalt carb, copper equal parts blend slip....it will prob turn out brown but that's ok the green satin glaze is going over these......should be noice

and more beige shino's getting the bisque action to see if some colour can be added by firing them in the same kiln with the raw pots..

thick was of white satin and thin wash of white satin glaze...


  1. I dig the swirl on the interiors.

  2. You must have had your super vitamins this week! I am continually amazed at your output!

  3. Yes, lets hear it for those swirls. I certainly like the look of them.

  4. hey zyg they're in my brain at the mo and have to get them out somewhere..

    cheers gary!! and C

    I do have a good amount of energy post holidays but work is quiet and that could be the reason :P

    hiya margaret, i do love a bit of brush work and slip trailing, not too many blemps either the slip was lovely and thin...

  5. hi ang, really dig the tight swirl design... yum

  6. hey jim those lines have been in my head for 18 months now nice to get them out :P all glazed up and ready for the next available kiln...