Friday, 14 January 2011

quick pics...

I've had a couple of hours in the studio this week which is great and such a nice day today i know what i'll be up to... I have a glaze dilemma again the satin green turned out almost black and in order to do my next firing i needed to fill the kiln again...i seem to spend a huge amount of time doing this but i dont think there's any way around it testing testing and more testing..

I'm thinking of taking the platters another cone higher... I fired a perfect cone6 in both kilns but feel they could go a little higher just to see the glaze move a bit.... I like it that way...

So I'm thinking a wash of satin white over the black and see what i get with one, the others where there is barely glaze on the sides of the dishes i'll brush some more glaze on and refire's such a bleeper! of a glaze and so glad it's not mine..

anyhoo the monster mugs are so big cant wrap your hands around them....should be cool with big gnarly handles on them....yeh!!!!

and just for fun i'm doing some glaze layering with wax far this is it..

this is what this charming glaze is supposed to look like and did in all of my tests...

so higher we go..


  1. that's a beautiful glaze, worth the testing to get it right I think! good luck, testing just never ends, does it!

  2. I'm really starting to believe that potters are a self selected group of chronic experimentalists.

  3. it's just so fickle trace does whatever it feels like :Pn I'm keen to mix a fresh test batch!!

    entirely possible zyg...could it be a syndrome???

  4. monster mugs, yeah! Seems like whenever I've got mostly big mugs in the shop, people ask for small ones and vice versa. Jeez. Hey, that glaze is a beauty! I'm with Tracey, it's worth the testing!

  5. hehe i have both now patricia :)) love that glaze when it works..