Monday, 6 December 2010

4 seasons in one day...

This weekend marathon market was a 2 dayer at the Port and talk about rotating weather conditions we had them all... Last night we headed to the beach for dinner and it was still 30 deg C... now it's raining still and rather windy after an afternoon of raining out the market and a scorcher saturday of 37deg... talk about 4 seasons in one day...

Ali, Rose and myself shared a stall at the Ports Artists Market we met some great peeps and amongst electrical problems for stall holders everyone kept their cool in the heat :)) This wkd was the Arts festival and the Celtic Festival so lots of music some more groovy than others and a few artists demos too..
Well i'm done for the night, watching some Yeasayer on Jules Holland from last friday nights show and getting myself organised for next week... more pots to be made and glazing to be done...a kiln to be fired somewhere in there and work to take to town to be sorted...

have a great week peeps and enjoy the sunshine in my lil clip with some footage courtesy of Ali too....


  1. Would have rather been with you yesterday! We had wet snow and it was sooo cold! What a great place to have a show!

  2. It's nice to see that somewhere in the world people are walking around in shorts, with bare arms. It was about 28 F. here this morning. Brrrr ....

  3. hey Trace, it started out nice then bucketed down with rain..the port is looking nice now lots of face lifts going on this is the forecourt of the TAFE college and the docks..

    morning Hollis, indeed needed to break out the sunblock this wkd, luckily we had this enormous tree nearby and some lovely cloud on sunday...stay warm

  4. Ahhh you warmed my morning! What a contrast to my current environment! Loved seeing the work -I really liked those robots! very cool. Fun to see our blog buddies in real life :o)

  5. Fun video. Nice and sunny. The stall and pottery looked great.

  6. hey cindy yeh stay warm!! the robots were so cool quite a contrast to the rest of the art there..ahh yes, meet ali and rose :))

    hey ron, it was very warm saturday quite a hot box under cover, cheers ali and rose set up friday night.. i had to dash back for a kiln to finish, they did a great job of balancing the work out..