Wednesday, 24 November 2010

kiln karn...

I mean really kiln you do this to me!!!
2 out of 11 have survived 3 firings!!

not good odds in my book....

what to do...

chuck em in the bin and start again!!

 I have a couple of new clay bodies to try...going with the old bennetts stoneware and a 30 mesh clay i've been eying for some large pot making this will be a test!!

 no crying here, just saying .....really!!!! dunting!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.........


  1. I would be cussing up a storm- or at least like a sailor!
    Darn and friggle frack!

  2. Ouch. In my place, pots like that end up in multiple tiny pieces on the floor. Very satisfying.

  3. Oh how sad! That glaze was beautiful :o( and all of that WORK! arrrggh.

  4. ahhh kinda had a felling when i opened the first kiln yesterday :( friggle frack haven't heard that for ages meredith, some have gone to be garden sculptures the rest binned!!

    hey hollis, ahhh well that would have been a lot of shattering in a shared space yesterday....they made plenty of noise landing in the bin!!!

    the glaze is stunning and never the same cindy, yep all that work and more work to come lets hope my elbow hold up!!

  5. Looks a lot like my Raku carnage there. I look at it like this: at least the survivors are beauties! The kiln giveth the kiln taketh away :)

  6. Dang. I understand COMPLETELY.
    Hang in girl... your work IS amazing...

  7. Ouch and %%^^&&#@$%! The survivors are beauties though. Makes them all the more precious.

  8. hahah cheers chickies, working through it as usual but it would have been nice to have more pieces to deliver today :))