Thursday, 25 November 2010

giddy up!!

Had a quick dash to the studio this pm and managed a few big bowls and just the one platter as the clay was a tad firm but rather nice, it's a 30# warm sculptural body and with some white slip should still work with the glazes... I say should but you know after this week HA!!!

Another bash at it tomorrow...the ws clay is currently wrapped in wet towels along with the bennetts clay i couldn't even wedge it, it was crusty man :))

the larger bowls are in my large pot making clay heaps of grog and really soft hence i lost 3 bowls as well went a bit too wide and flopsy!! anyhoo more progress tomorrow, gotta fill a kiln again....


  1. Looks good -- sure hope they are happy in the kiln -- onwards!

  2. I know the feeling... My large serving bowl went flat with that final two drops of water to finish the rim. So... I turned it over, cut a 1.5 inch foot on it, and made a cake stand! Hope it survives the kiln...
    Your bowls on the other hand, look great!