Sunday, 3 October 2010

sweet as...

 It's spring, I'm sneezing and the studio is buzzing again... loving the sunshine and life is good!!

So i'm prepping some work for the printed images and having a play with my new purchase the type stamps, you know i've been looking for these guys for years and the good ol internet search finally came up with these guys all the way from The States...woohoo!! so lots of animalia will be happening on these pieces and no doubt some glaze layering too ..i just can''t help myself really...


and some lovely copper fish slip trailing, also rather addictive.. i slipped every tray i had made on friday...hehehe.... and pugged 50 Kg of clay all ready to start big pot making and with a Public Holiday on Monday I'm pretty sure where i'll be spending it...

There's a big dish somewhere too, i think it's hiding on the drying shelves...hmmm must go in search of and hope it hasn't dried out too quickly, that's the thing in this lovely spring weather all of a sudden things dry out in a day..

Hmmm brilliant sunday afternoon, I might just do some gardening or oil the chairs that have dried out and look rather grey after the winter...that is after the soup's done, more curried pumpkin soup on the menu for lunch...mmm mmmm and congrats on the opening guys i've seen some of Linda's pics and Trace too keep em coming i'm sure there's some more blogger pieces to show too...ooh and i'm supposed to be doing that profile thingy that Cindy put me up for...I'll get to it...and what an opening Cindy had on friday night too !! check it out...and a super big cheers to Meredith the Champion of the Clay and Blogs show hope you had a great time and met some sweet people.. :))


  1. hey you are having lots of fun and I am missing working with clay, but having a blast here, wish you were here too. More photos up again today, Just back from the Mint Museum British Contemporary Ceramics exhibit - wow, wow, you would love it, more on my blog later about it.

  2. argghhh, blogger ate my comment, I hate that! Anyway, loved seeing your tiles up close and personal and we so wished you could be there!

  3. Boy i sure wish you had been with us.
    it was a lot of fun- a great turn out and now its up for a month and I hope folks will still come to see it.
    As a group it is a wonderful show.
    Love that you off playing again- spring it is very cool here today!

  4. Hi Ang,
    Great to see read your blog, you seem to be all brimming with enthusiasm and enjoying what you are doing, and that is infectious!

    I've been doing some drawing today, up on a little hill overlooking Auckland. It has been nice scratching around on some paper with a pen, and good to be able to soak up a bit of North Island warmth at the same time. It has been really strange not getting over to NC after starting out on my journey there, but I have been so lucky with friends making me welcome here, and doing drawing again (after several years away from it) is a real bonus. Poor old body was rather knocked about by the flight, and I am still rather deaf, but, hey... the sun is shining! Thanks for your comments on my blog too, it was lovely to hear from you when I wasn't feeling the best. A real encouragement.

  5. PS.. "see read", probably needs a word such as "and" inserted... what was I thinking!!

  6. hey linda glad you had fun ad so nice to see you too in pics that is!! and thanks for all the super photos.:))

    trace now common thats a homework excuse...ha kidding..aww thanks wished i could have sent the large one but hey freight is a killer..

    hi meredith hope you're getting some rest now... did the gallery get a computer setup for the show?? wish i could have too but i need to work away when it comes in, maybe nxt time :)) the show truly is a brilliant idea!! thank you..

    howdy peter, i am a bit of an optimist and glad you're a lil more perked up..hey that's super you getting to enjoy drawing again and taking some time out to enjoy the place you're in... i'm starting a class next term so tues nights will be drawing, printmaking and sculpture should be great!! cheers and enjoy the rest...

  7. Hi Ang! We both missed the big show. Aw well. Another time, perhaps... You've been busy. I love these and can't wait to see the final product!

  8. ahhh yes we did patricia and a shame too, maybe you can plan the next one have a west coast show! hehehe...and flat out this time of year here and lots of production happening pics soon..