Monday, 25 October 2010

a big wkd...

what a marathon wkd!!

saturday was the spring fair at the waldorf school in mt barker and a beautiful day it was!!

I found some yummy lunch from the canteen it took me back standing in a queue waiting to be served..ha!
and chatted lots of peeps while waiting and one guy in a cowboy hat!! the peeps you meet at theses things..

Rose does a fantastic job with the display sometimes i think i'm getting the hang of it then i turn around and look at the rest of the stall!! nup i'll just leave it to rose ; )

and sunday was the stirling market another beautiful day lots of peeps...another order to a satisfied customer and quite a bit of sneezing there was pollen floating everywhere...

so rather exhausted but a good wkd, this is the busy season for us leading up to christmas now. 
my annual open studio will be the 3rd wkd in november as we have the Art at the Hart in December when i usually have it, Ali and Rose and myself are sharing a double stall and will be doing some demos too..
might break out the video for that one..

well that the wkd report .. I had a lovely day for my birthday today, more sneezing! some time in the studio making some extra pieces for the display for my open studio and some additions to the lil birdie range too.. more on that this saturday when i hope to be firing the small gas kiln woohoo!!!
mostly shinos agogo...


  1. you really have been busy!
    It all looks great!
    Pots for everyone- I hope you sold a lot.
    Happy Birthday from the USA!

  2. hey meredith, lots of firing to do now!! yeh it wasnt too bad sales were tougher on sat.. cheers

  3. happy birthday, your displays look super.

  4. Love all those pots -- the photos look great!
    And happy birthday!!! Hope you have a fun celebration!

  5. Your display looked great, not surprised you were busy. Happy birthday!

  6. Hey, Happy Birthday to you, tomorrow is my husband's birthday, baking him a cake today. Your booth looks really nice, that would be my one stop shopping spot if I was there! Glad you had good weather, I have seen photos from your shows when there was lots of wind and rain. Always nice to get good weather at an outdoor event!!

  7. Love the new stall set up,good to hear the birdies are flying, I hope you had a great birthday. Someone took my bunting!!

  8. thankyou all you lovely peeps..

    i finish up birthday celebs friday night with a family get together at my fav Thai fusion restaurant mmmmm..
    It was a lovely wkd Trace all sun and sneezes ;)

    Hey Ali yeh the big bowl went on sunday kinda made a hole in roses display though, back to the remake for a few larger pieces for the range..bunting pinchers grrr...

  9. Happy Birthday from Alaskaland!! I love the plate with the birdie on it!! Look at all of that lovely work you have made :o)

  10. EVERY WEEK is a marathon week for you, you busy girl! I love the way your booth looks. You're right, Rose is great at it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  11. ahhh thanks cindy, i'm a fan of the birdie too!

    hey patricia, it just never stops eh... apart from today tired!! :))

  12. Happy Belated Birthday! I am so sorry I missed it! For some reason (maybe because I keep missing days of reading the blogs) I did not even see the last two entries... have to try and fix that. I surely don't want to miss anything going on!

  13. hey mr Y it is a challenge to keep up and ive been absent for a while too, thanks for the birthday shout out :)