Saturday, 10 July 2010

i dig saturdays...

hey i dig saturdays!! its the day i know the phone won't ring for work...mostly!! I can chill in the studio and just hang with ideas and try out stuff thats been brewing for a while...

todays day was no different apart from a bit of a sleepin after the crazy wind storms last night! 3am i was checking out the garden seeing what needed to be put away or tied was a noisy one! tree carnage on the road today wasn't too bad...

I trimmed up some bowls from monday, did some tile work and loaded up my car to head down the club after lunch, my main route was blocked off by the CFS probably cleaning up some of the tree damage so i went the other way passed the brick factories.. It reminded me i must go visit and see if i can talk to a production manager about local clays..

On arrival at the club the girls were heading home so i did the same after loading up the storage shelves with my wares and got back into some more throwing.. I think i finally got into a groove on the stew bowls and got to the form i'd been aiming for this afternoon... by this time it was getting dark and i headed inside for a night by the fire...i dig saturdays...


  1. boy you got a lot done; I like the swirls in the bowls and nice to see how you dry your big tiles, one on top of another? Does that keep them warping? glad the wind storm wasn't too bad.

  2. yeh hit the groove today linda, no they will warp at this stage but at the high fire they slump flat again, keep tiles flat you need to rotate under weight while drying them..yeh not too many 'branches dwn'last night.. they're big though..

  3. Busy busy... looks great, especially love your bottles gracefully swollen forms... nice

  4. Gidday there Ang,
    Really love those spiraling bowls. A nice shape that with the flatter area out towards the rim. Nice bottles too, I am fond of those narrow necked ones and actually sold one of mine here with crystals a few minutes ago, whoopee... !!
    That previous post of yours with the choir still cracks me up. I had a sudden thought that an Uncle of mine who lives in Adelaide might have been a member of it, but couldn't see him when I looked closely!
    Anyway, good that you had a productive Saturday.

  5. howdy FG, cheers I like it when the shelves are full it means theres lots going on raku soon, soda soon, and cone 9 gas sooooon!!

    Hey Pete how funny would that be to spot your uncle in a random event! i have some video that i must edit in to a post next week...stay tuned...
    Yeh i love that centre spiral too it comes up a treat under a celedon glaze.. wow congrats on the sale..cheers

  6. oh a day alone with nothing but work!
    I left my sister here with clay while we were away and I come home to two tables filled with tiles!

  7. Shelves full of work are a pretty sight, eh Ang?! Love it.... Hey, like the stew bowls. Am thinking that would be a great size to add to the line of functional ware I'm working on here.

  8. hey meredith, I love it a quiet day in the studio in relax mode...and lucky you its obviously playtime for sis...

    hiya patricia, oh yeh one of my favourite things full shelves..oh yeh do it i do love a winter stew up and these plate/bowls are perfect size..:)

  9. nice to have the saturdays... the shallow bowls look lovely. you're in the groove