Tuesday, 15 June 2010

the urban cow studio...

One of the best places in town to support local artists is the urban cow studio..it's on frome street, adelaide..

My raku pots are in store as is some groovy dippy bowls, mini platters and the funky teasets too.. drop on in for a real view or visit their web and facebook page..


  1. I saw your mugs in the Urban Cow the other day. Nice!

  2. hey meredith it's great eh...

    howdy erin ta mucho, you would be in their frequently eh and so handy to the jam now...

  3. Love your raku AND the way cool tile entry to the 'Cow!

  4. thanks cindy, i really like these little guys the last batch came out very dark but nice too...yep it really is a great entry to the cow!!