Saturday, 12 June 2010

site scavenging...

Quite a busy lil day today started with cleaning my new shelves and thinking about the new setup which i hope by the end of this wkd is all happening....the 2nd shelving kit is about to be liquid nailed to the framework and bolted in a couple of spots...I hadn't realised the amount of gear i had on these shelves so a lil securing is def. called for..

so that was all done and i headed down the club to get started on some more tiles..all white on white is the concept it prob will evolve but that's where i'm starting from and mixed up a few white slips and got to work forming the tiles...when I arrived today jess says how about we fire up the raku?? it looked a bit like rain and after a few spots we were all set..

jess, anna and the girls had been site scavenging for some wood earlier and came back with quite a load! We are very lucky at the mo to have some building development nearby and lots of offcuts just waiting for us!! unfortunately it's also been raining a lot this week and some of the timber being rather wet wouldn't burn,....
so temp dropping some drastic action was called for hence the new frock jess is modelling, the new eco friendly placky number previously containing wood slithers..super great for finishing off the firing.. jess's super lil kiln nearly took off hitting reduction whilst firing and a red hot flue to boot..a rather lovely day again, it's getting dark early now and i headed home to get all warmed up by the fire with a nice glass tonight...hope you all have a lovely wkd..


  1. Great results, love the white on white, gona show Gary the kiln and see if we can build one here, very cool, you're the video queen.

  2. Thats a tidy little kiln and looks like it works beautifully, your tiles are looking good again, do you still have some spare shelves? I had an unfortunate incident with some greenware tea cups and a chicken this week (she got locked in the studio overnight!)so some elevation is definitely required!

  3. hey linda yeh i'm keen on the white on white clay so it will be a surprise when i crack the kiln..:P ooh yey you should def build one happy to pass on the plans this is the 3rd variation we've made now and still tweeking..

    hi ali yeh once we got the dry wood it went flying up! yep shelves are waiting for you, just let me know when you want to pick up.. could be 2 trips though they're quite heavy..

    oh nooo! trying to make a cuppa was she??.

  4. There she goes!!! That was well worth the trouble with some lovely surprises!! Lessons learned.. Now to recreate the same results with the glaze nezt time around. Yvonne scrubbed up her vessel today and it looked just amazing!!

  5. the blue and reds are great jess...ooh yeh recreating is the challenge and i saw yvonnes it looked perdy...