Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Thanks Tracey for the title for this one.. The pre fire packing footage is from Jess ta mucho... While we packed there were a few last minute tweeks to do like putting the bung holes in the door and wiring the casings in and attaching the roof fibre wires to the outer layer..packing is karen and jill teacher extraordinaire has single handedly taught most of the kids in this area in her ceramics classes...and still is... way to go jill!

And the cracking of the kiln last night with only one blow out sandy's big fish unfortunately couldn't handle the pressure and blew just as i was standing by the kiln i heard and felt it underfoot...! I was a little concerned about budda boy but saw him aglow through the bung hole and was fairly certain it wasn't there it is finally after 6 years of waiting...up and running again...can i hear a cheer???


  1. hurray! congrats on getting up and going. the music accompanying the opening of the door on the video is a scream

  2. hey linda, thanks we took it pretty slow and only one casualty...yey

    hiya jim, cheers..ya like? took me a while to get that right...

  3. HUZZAH!!!

    So sorry the Big Fish did not make it! Toes crossed in anticipation!

  4. Yep, NVN :)
    That Buddha is incredible, all good, congrats to everyone!

  5. Hooray, his heads not off! Well done team!

  6. a very good first fire!! and all happy except sandy total bummer! cheers all..