Wednesday, 24 February 2010

composed again....

howdy all, since vids are all the rage lately why not join in??

I was reading my friend Alis blog today and she got me thinking about how i mostly present things that go well, so here's a mini composite journey things aren't always el perfecto!..

and some of the process...the most important thing i'm learning here is about reversing forms in my head and seeing the sections sometimes upside down so that the continuation of the curve succeeds..

well we'll see, so here's day 2...and a lil preview from the last glaze kiln..

seeya tomorrow...


  1. I like the fish- my favorite is the black one!
    I like the texture.

  2. I am loving all these videos! Great one. Like the woof bowl the best, really cute!!

  3. Hi Ang, great videos. youve just given me an idea about using my new blue slip with the green. I'd never thought of it until I saw your bowls.
    Love the sound effects in the background.

  4. hey cookie, cheers...yeh i'm not sure if its too complicated with the texture too..

    hiya trace, fun hey...ha that one's an order..

    hey paul, glad you dropped by..oh layering is so much fun, yeh testing time for you..

  5. Thanks for candid look into your studio. I'm hoping that your already planning your next...

  6. I love the fish plate too, it looks like its a flying fish in a starry sky, great cameo appearance from your cat too!

  7. howdy FG its a good review of how things are going..may run out of time today to work on those, its table time! and exhibition time..

    hi ali, he does too, pinching that 'starry night' it is then...