Friday, 1 January 2010

happy new bang!!...

happy new year everybody...i took a drive down to glenelg beach last night to visit my friends franci & theo thanks so much it was a lovely time and not too blowie after the wind died was a stinker yesterday 42C and then the change came in but it didnt last to long and turned out to be a lovely evening, listening to more 'live' music that we all know the words to, there's a lil debate about ac/dc song 'it's a long way to the top' as to whether the lyrics should be sausage roll or chiko roll though!! and just as the fireworks went off the lifeguards did a noodie run into the sea with more cheers than the mayor of holdfast shores got for his new years can just see the lifeguards hut the lil yellow thing bottom left of the beach shot...

and below my reminder pic of where i left my was a wee hike as parking is very short down there... anyhoo hope you all have some super plans for this year and i hope we continue to meet online and in the 'real world' for now there's secret santa who seems to be holding on tightly to the pressies this year.... cheers ang..


  1. I think I would have a better time staying up past midnight if I had a beach to run around on! Looks like you guys had a great time, makes me homesick for the beach I grew up on!!

  2. well, your new years eve was about the opposite end of the spectrum from ours, looks like a blast.

  3. our RV park was quiet, beaches are the best, happy new year.

  4. GREAT pictures -looks like the perfect party! Happy New Year and glad you found your car :o))

  5. Hi Ang-
    I just read this blog article on mosaic's and thought of you and your tables. Thought you may like it -here is the link:

  6. hey trace, maybe this year you should head for the beach...

    twas a lovely time hanging out with friends jim...

    ahhh sweet new years linda hope the rv life is easy..

    ha hi cindy yep found it in the dark!! well not quite with that blue moon its been lighting up the night sky..

    cheer cindy, i had a look thats quite some work eh!!

  7. hey patricia, how ya doin? and happy new year to you...