Tuesday, 5 January 2010

breakin out the plackie...

hey its 'summer time and the weather is fine you can stretch right up and touch the sky'......

and warming up time it is.. end of this week we'll hit 40C again so i'm thinking i'll not make anything that needs apendages this week they just crack and everything is on a speedy drying cycle... i'll get the rest of these guys trimmed and compressed tomorrow and then onto clearing the pool filter space and concreting a slab, the joint that goes into the filter keeps leaking and as it's on pavers only it needs securing more and hopefully that will fix the movement issue...well why not it will only be 36C thursday and i reckon it will take most of tomorrow to clear the filter and shore up the slab and inset some mesh!!

what fun! where's a handy bloke when ya need one??

ahh and my trusty trolley all plackied up!


  1. it's so difficult to remember that although i'm looking at your blog and it's cold here that it's not there. boy, it really isn't cold there... 40C is like 100F isn't it?

  2. Crazy to think you are in the midst of a hot summer and we are hovering below the freezing mark. My daughter, back up in Fairbanks, Alaska now is reporting 30 degrees BELOW zero F..... no handles cracking here -well unless they freeze off!

  3. mornin jim...yep super warm this would melt ya pipes in no tie!!

    hiya cindy..ah yes they crack at any extremes...i'm going to try to work with it this summer and not workin in the scorching heat..a cellar would be handy right now!