Thursday, 15 October 2009

monday studio day & a piece from the british museum
entirely curious!!!......

it's firing day bestest efforts to fill the bisque fire again have been thwarted by wet weather and that pesky thing called a day job, well one has to teapots are sitting waiting to be assembled just as wet as the day i threw them..!
ha and the new raku bottles weren't being produced by my hands either...i want to replace the guys that didn't work out on saturday....and....i'm having a serious case of the procrastinations with making what i intended and with tile making too...
......somebody give me a woop woop i need a nudge along....!

well for tomorrow, i've bitten the bullet and loaded for a glaze fire instead and checked on the gas bottle delivery it's coming mid morning, so i should start early to get the best of what's available in the lowest tank as i'm fairly certain i don't have enough to get me through a stoneware kiln..

apparently more rain is on the way...over it and the wind!!! enough i say.....anyhoo happy weeks end all....seeya friday..


  1. woop woop... good luck on the firing. wondering what the day job is?

  2. OK, Ang, big NUDGE to you. Nudge. Nudge. Nudge. Though seems you don't really need it after all!

  3. Goodness, I'm picturing you changing gas bottles mid firing, sounds nail biting stuff, a bit like aircraft refueling mid flight by tanker!
    Good luck. Woop, Woop (dunno what that means, but I guess it is Australian for something motivational!). Love the photos from the British Museum.

  4. hey jim, freelance graphic design..sometimes busy, sometimes occaisionally i have a whole week inthe studio hence this burst of work, plus being inspired by my holiday..

    hey patricia, thanks oh yes i do, i need to focus...big day sat with the slabroller me think,s get some tiles rolled out..

    hey peter, the tanks have a split pigtales and a switcher thingy between tanks so not quite like refuling in mid air....sounds good though... yeh just a little sideline cheering required this week....