Saturday, 5 September 2009

orange peril...

i kid you not this little orange made it all the way down the hill from near leach pottery to the last major intersection before we hit the town....he dodged, he weaved, he rolled...and might i say took encouragement well, 'go you little red fire engine'..! .. the cars dodged and weaved making way for our little adventure fruit...only to become unstuck by the last mini van you see....splat.....awwww what fun, cheers doug for being the creative mind behind this one...


  1. Oh wow - what fun!!!

  2. Hi Ang,
    The adventure of the brave little orange was hilarious! When I saw the bus coming... I thought, "Oh No!" but onward the plucky orange trundled! From an in depth study of the footage (eg watching it 4 or 5 times, and still finding it funny!) I would say that the average hedgehog would have a much better chance of survival if it dodged, rolled, and weaved, like the orange in stead of curling up into a ball and staying put in the middle of the road.

    You certainly had a great time in the UK and I guess that you're "down under" in Adelaide once again and trying to adjust to being back! Hope you can source some good (non itchy) earthenware clay.

    Best Wishes, thanks for making me laugh!


  3. hi simone, lots of..

    hey peter, glad you enjoyed it, a bit of a bumpy ride need a scouter maybe to shoot outdoors...heheh it was lots of fun seeing peeps in cars avoid it too... :)