Friday, 18 September 2009

cooking with gas...

and another good afternoon throwing a couple of larger raku bottles, a mug bundle order and 6 teapots... you know these, the tops are made separately and dried in slump molds and joined when firm...

I couldn't have asked for a better day, the sun was shining it was warm ...nice...!!

and into the weekend we go, firing another bisque kiln down the club and time to check up on the birds that caused so much havock last wkd with the football boys haha..! I think he got his own back making some very nice dive bombs at the ratbags trying to hit the nesters with sticks and all kinds of junk.... I reckon the bird won!

ooh and gas kiln update we have connections!! woooo hoooo all connected now and with some minor alterations to the burners i think we will be set..

just the last of the inner fibre to go and the flues and we're off people!!!!!!!! yeh.............


  1. It's amazing to me how you attach the tops to the teapots after they are so firm; I am learning so much on other's techniques and I must give it a try. Exciting about the kiln so near to use.

  2. perhaps i should have said leather hard, my aim is to get some curve on the lids but most often they slump back down, its all in the timing eh?

    ooh yeh its going to be great to see it firing again after soo long, its been a task and yey!!...

  3. hi ang, congrats on the kiln... you've got some really nice white stuff going on in the pics. thanks for the FB gifts, i waited for it to let me comment but it didn't. i totally dig the mini wall sculptures to the left.

  4. hey jim you're back, thanks i've missed your regular visits..