Monday, 31 August 2009

village stomp..

ere's a little montage from thursday, a little stroll through the village main street and pics around the chapel with some amazing window textures and stonework.. some gargoils that really aren't scary at all..maybe they're not ha!!!

the street was so fascinating and the wrong side parking totally freaked me out...mornin all.. this was the end of my morning walk and i thought a little montage was in order, there's some gorgeous little flowers and ferns growing in the crevices..

and some gorgeous scraffito work by doug...yummy stuff


  1. I seemd to have missed a whole group of posts here, what a nice tour of the countryside and cities. Barrington Court is so beautiful.

    Love the sgraffito on the plates, particularly the one with the clay color showing through and the design across the middle on the diagonal, and great colors on the teapots. It's so much fun to see what the change of location can bring to your art.

  2. Loved the walk (and the banjo). Managed to save the video and now can see it full screen. Great textures on the stonework. And I love the energy saving daytime only clock!

    You mentioned having problems with itchy earthenware clay back home. My local supplier (Southern Clays, Dunedin) makes two earthenware clays, brick red and Abbots red. I never have a problem with the brick red, but sometimes do with Abbots red. Abbots is higher fired, and has more "stuff" blended in, I think brick red is more or less as it is dug with just big stones taken out. You may be able to get our brick red in Aussi, if you really couldn't get something without the itch locally.

  3. hi linda, yeh thanks it was a great trip.

    hey peter, ah cool.. it's a lovely bit of history in the village..i'll be searching for a good red!!