Thursday, 20 August 2009

on the way to hollyford...

a little road trip to dougs pottery mini tour and me making teapots..


  1. looks like fun although the opening where you all are driving on the wrong side of a very narrow road with high walls on either side... whew! you should do video and post it permanently above with fong choo's. did you know he lives here in louisville?

  2. Lovely hedge on the road and even more lovely tea pot!! ... hopefully, that was a one-way road?!

  3. How long are you here for? The new ceramics galleries open at th V and A on the 18th of September! For more info scroll down on Slipcast The Blog for details of all the opening shinanigins.

  4. hey jim, the drive i fun...especially the reversing when you meet someone coming the other way...that's a good idea about the vids..i really love fong choo's tpots..really have you ever met up??

    hi cindy,yeh there's berries in the hedge not one way you have to give way when you meet, little bays or driveways to reverse back to..

    hi margaret, I leave on the 4th sept, i did check on the V&A before i came over so i knew it wouldn't be open yet..bit of a stinker eh? oh well, another time..