Sunday, 26 July 2009


what can i say beautiful day.....but cold...

lot's of hands in pockets but cheery all the same, we always enjoy a good chat with peeps at stirling and have great neighbours we all watch out for each others stall for those necessary breaks, plus a little lunch or coffee break although today the lines were espec. long and roses morning cuppa was way into the aftrenoon... the temp rose and fell several times today and even though sport seems to have taken the crowd this afternoon there were plentty of folks around, all in a good day , cheers all happy making next week..


  1. looks like a fun time, hope you made out well... some beautiful pots, anticipating how the wash drawings on the owl and pussycat look after firing

  2. Lovely pictures of your work! I especially like the brightly glazed bowl :o) Oh, and the teapot, and the other bowls and platter with the illustrative figures on them! all great to see :o)

  3. Very beautiful display of pottery. I very much like how it's not all cluttered. The color sections are excellent too. I really like the cool pot with the floating spout. Nice set-up for sure!
    P.S. It's so strange to see winter type scenes, as it's 100 degree days here in Nevada. :)

  4. Looks great ang. Can't wait to see see the tile project finished.