Saturday, 30 May 2009

new mugage...

Ahh yes what started out as another video has become stills, oops flat batteries in the vid cam...

so here we go cheats handles wrapped around what else but the broom handle..
just slice through with a needle and wvalla..!
i got through maybe a third of these guys today trimmed carved and handled, more later..

the timer ran out on the kiln so that shut off way to soon, rectified immediately but i still lost 100deg, total bummer should have finished by 5pm but ended up leaving it set til 7pm, so fingers crossed all is ok..and the timer kicked off correctly...

i prepped some more tiles for the clay collectives next show during sala, the tiles are along the same idea as my last but using more textures and oxides and glazes for surface lovely paperclay is a bit whiffy but it makes great tiles, so onward..

and off to queensland next weekend to catchup with my brother and family and take opportunity of the long wkd for a break and hit the galleries hopefully...and super exciting news I booked a trip to the UK last week so look out guys invasion time...woohoo..


  1. oh yessum pb..mid august..

  2. nice looking cups... do you have one of those little extruder thingies?... to make strips that are wrapped around the broom?

  3. hey jim yes we do its attached to a central beam in the studio and is well worn now, for as long as i can remember we've had the same dyes cut out of perspex, i'll grab a shot of it this week.

  4. What a cool idea, those are going to be some nice handles.

  5. I hate making handles - the Guild has an extruder, but I don't make use of it - I should go practice making some.

    Nice shape of mug too!

    We're about to invade Germany and France - 15 days from now. Watch out...

  6. hi linda more pics soon, they're the most straight forward handles and they feel good too..when they don't shrink too much that is..heheh

    hiya cynthia, oh yeah go play with it great for making coil pots, it really gets a workout at our club. Oh excellent enjoy your holiday..

  7. Ron'll be over in mid August too, hopefully. I'm at Nics firing - you should come down.

  8. hiya pb, so i hear, how exciting..great idea..