Saturday, 2 May 2009

back in the saddle again...

well here we are, after a good session at the club today i really feel like i'm back in the saddle again...
this does feel a little like confessional!...well it's been a foul couple of months and since my uncle's passing this week is the first back in the studio actually throwing, it felt good to get the clay under my finger nails again!... I started assembling some teapots one for my nieces friend so i'd better get it right... the others either the urban cow or market..there are a few more gallery spaces around town i should probably visit and see if they're interested in my work......well a few cups and mugs and the old milk and sugar sets will complete this tea party..

also feeling much better, I went to visit my naturopath in hope of clearing my lungs a month ago, they've been a bit gunked since last winter and with a change of diet a few concoctions and lots of vitamins and such i started to feel much better, well then i caught a cold, excellent,  yey!! and finally today i feel like i'm getting what was i going to say oh yeah one of the changes to my diet was no cows dairy.  Sooo off to the central market in search of sheeps dairy and there just happens to be one on kangaroo island...who knew?? well it's pretty decent stuff, i was surprised, so i now have sheeps fetta, kefalotiri a kind a tasty cheddar, and sheeps yoghurt.
 I also must make the trip KI, it's quite the place to visit these days with wineries and lots of great scenery and of  course the Island Pure sheeps dairy... anyhooo happy weekend all, hopefully lots of creating this week... cheers ang..


  1. very cool shapes... looking forward to the teapots assembled

  2. Sorry to hear that your Uncle passed away. Glad you were able to get back in the groove, art has a way of helping us artist's get "re-centered." The teapots look yummy.

    I'm not surprised you are to stay away from cows dairy- all three of my kids when they were little couldn't tolerate it. My oldest daughter is still lactose intolerant and has to use soy products instead. I understand cows dairy is very hard on our bodies but I still love a cold glass of milk with cookies...mmmmm.

  3. Nice you can get sheep's cheddar and yoghurt and such, doubt if I could get any in this dairy cow county. Beautiful shapes and surfaces you've posted for your teapots.

  4. hey jim they're similar to some teapots i made last year although i never really make anything the same, there's some pics around aug 08 if you care to scroll back..

    hi cindy thanks, yes i do find i can pretty much switch zones when i need to create or draw or make things ..getting over a sad space has taken a little more time though..

    hi linda, so your in cow country eh..kangaroo island where the dairy is is about 3hours away by car and ferry.. and somehow i've never been there, it's on my list now..

  5. The tea pot shapes look really cool Ang! I'll have to scroll back when I have more time (sub. teaching this morning) - or just watch these evolve.

    Sorry to hear about your uncle too and your lung issues. I saw a naturopath when I lived in Maine and I quite liked going to see her. At the time my insurance covered part of my visits.

    I like sheep's dairy, but my hubby absolutely detests it. I thought I could fool him once and picked up sheep parmasean cheese for top of pasta - called me out on it right away.

  6. Hiya cynthia the teapots get spouts and handles tomorrow... yep i upped my cover to include the naturopath in my extras, costing quite a bit at the mo but i'll be glad when i feel better..well on the way, funny the sheeps cheese is quite distinctive but i got used to it quickly

  7. Sorry you've been having a rough time Ang. Fabulous looking pots coming through

  8. Glad to hear you sounding more upbeat.

  9. howdy dooglas. yep back in the saddle..

    hi paul, upbeat as a drummers daughter can be..