Monday, 13 April 2009

danger will robinson...

the culprit

the lemon tree

a bug!!

Can i say just a little warning to all those avid gardeners out there...DANGER WILL ROBINSON!

When one is pruning particularly feral trees with lots of debris and fine particles falling from them that it would be advisable to wear goggles....otherwise one could end up in rather a bit of pain and unable to see clearly along with a stretch of say 2 hours at the surgery on a saturday waiting to find what the culprit is in ones eye!!!! and compliments of said item, a tiny scratch on ones eyeball....

After all that venting i must say the eye much better today and most of the swelling is gone along with most of the irritation and the doc said within 24hrs the scratch should heal...'oh good' i said with such relief..

Just to add a little more interest to the story doc says ...'you look familiar', I say 'did i draw your house? or photos perhaps?'...'Oh' he says, 'do you work for so and so?' ...'yes I do'.. 'Oh that must  be it!' he says...'sorry' I say 'don't remember peeps much but I would remember your house!'  a little chuckle later and he draws a picture of my eye...'you've been practicing'... i say, he laughs 'oh great, I get to scratch out a picture for someone who draws for a living'...hehehhe we both chuckle ... I think it was the relief of the pain to be gone and quite possibly the fun of looking through orange coloured dye he'd place in my eye....

so there you have it, just a little gardening can turn into such a drama of a day, and that was my saturday......oh and next time ang wear goggles!


  1. Blimey Ang, that sounds horrific, get well soon. I use bubblewrap as goggles when angle grinding, you get a great fly's-eye view.

  2. howdy doog, ooh another use for bubble wrap... your chrissy pres is on it's way!!! woohooo..

    oh yeh it's dangerous out there! I need to add a postscript comment, watch out for red wasps!! whilst trimming the other fruit tree i got stung on both arms repeatedly thank you very much!! can anyone do a scream for me....? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. ouch, ouch, ouch!!!! Hope the eye is better. I've gotten brick dust in my eye before while working on a kiln and had to visit the Dr. Yuck.
    Those decals look great!!!

  4. much better tonight thanks.
    and yey, I'm so glad the decals came out now for the next part...the kiln test... and i haven't forgotten I owe you too ron... my next batch of throwing is quite a list and your treat is on it...

  5. Oh my gosh, that's no fun at all! That is so terrible -all I can say is GET BACK IN YOUR STUDIO where it's safe ;o) and get better soon.

    I won't be pruning so soon -we just got another inch of snow -arrrgggh.

  6. See I knew gardening was dangerous, your eye, my hand. Why do people do this stuff. Is that bug dangerous too? Knowing the wild things that wander in Ang-land it looks like it should be!
    Take care of yourself

  7. problem is cindy my studio IS IN the garden.....a few traps out with deal with those pesky wasps..

    I know i get carried away in the garden but a 4 day weekend that's asking for trouble H, that little green bug is just a sap sucker.. now the wasps...mmm.. the bites hurt, a lot but today all better after multiple applications of burn and bite cream and a couple of antihistamines, all better...that's it for a while, til the next long wkd that is....

  8. Oh - such a bummer! Good reminder too cause I don't always take safety precautions.

    The bug is wicked cool!

  9. Goodness ang.. Sounds like something that would happen to me as I had a deadline approaching (these things never do happen at convenient times). Hope you're eye is 100% soon.
    We have those same bugs over here on the Gulf Coast US. Lemon trees too. :)
    Feel better soon!

  10. hi C, yeh could have worn my sunnys didn't think of that! I'll be getting a quote from the tree guy to finish the job soon..

    hi anne, yes pretty good now thanks, I got some more drops at the optometrist last week, lumpy was the verdict... funny those bugs, i think the tree was stressed and hopefully with a good prune and some rain this wkd things will be sprouting healthy soon..