Monday, 9 March 2009

tiles in 3d

the owl and the pussycat... & the knaves knees, off with your head..

saturday at the workshop while i watched a couple of kilns had a go at washing with oxides on the thick sided tiles..

after another CC meet at the worlds end pub we discussed space for the greenhill galleries and now it seems i'll need a fair few more tiles so i've readjusted the idea to cover the rustic paper clay tiles and some detailed drawings on my stoneware clay..

thinking about doing some layering as well with text from lewis carrolls 'alice in wonderland'...

I've made another batch of the thick paper clay tiles and will test more with other clay too... it's all coming together in pieces so should be interesting with the heavy textures combined with very smooth surfaces...keep ya posted..

the 2nd batch of red tests tiles should be out soon so i'll know if i've cracked that job soon too..

the table is just waiting now for final construction, i'll be sooooooo happy when its done it's been a really long and testing process.....cheers for now..


  1. Great job Angela, was not sure where you were headed with the tiles, now I see.

  2. How many tiles do you make in a batch and how long does a batch take to make?

    Claire :)