Saturday, 14 March 2009

saturday clubbing

pondering the tile tests

paper clay tiles in frames

so far....

 are we there yet??

oh mr hart what a mess!!



ta daaa!!


haha.. just kidding, while firing the new tests today i spent a fair amount of time tidying up my gear and some good cleaning out of my cupboard space..

I'm looking forward to seeing how the new red table tile tests come out, one of them is totally random i found on the net well why not at this stage! a full on recipe including frit for enhancing bright colours, which i have added to the other new combo tests too..

on the make list today - more paper clay tiles and a couple of plates that are a remake after a bisque disaster that cracked right through that's never happened before but the plate was very flat and a small lump on the kiln shelve could have been the culprit..

Oh and i found the self timer on my phone cam can you tell??? for franci too many pics of me...


  1. Great to see you on here Ang. I've got so out of touch with what's been going on with folk, have only had time to skip through - you've been really busy, I'm looking forward to having a good read soon. Dx

  2. howdy doog yep there's usually just me and my work and nobody else around to pic take but now ive discovered the self timer!! oh and have fun in scotland..

  3. Hahahahaaaaa that's what you look like! Those colours on the tiles are bright, not something I'm used to at all. Hope the next batch give you what you want.
    Take care,

  4. howdy H, yep need your sunny's for these tiles, it is going to a beachside place so maybe that puts it in perspective..

  5. You give new meaning to the word, "clubbing" - teehee!

    I need to take some pointers and clean up my space - it's a disaster....