Wednesday, 31 December 2008



1. indeed, when fitting flue do not stand precariously on chair...
2. do not remove exit flue and expect it to go back in one piece....

any ideas??   i need to rebuild the box an am thinking of using some old cracked kiln shelves cut to fit the same area..
 the old one was fibre board it's all pretty brittle now and the top is fairly bowed i'm thinking of replacing that with the same it will be easy to cut a circle out for the flue to sit on..


  1. ouch! good luck and get a ladder or step stool.

  2. yeh, ladder, that came later,. who new, i stand on little blue chair all the time!

  3. I'm getting worried now, First Hannah falling off beds, then Ron putting a nail in his finger and you falling of a chair. I'm about to start fitting out my new workshop next week, I'm gonna have to be real carefull!!!!!

  4. poor chair, no injuries here but its been sent off to my fathers workshop to be cut and re-doweled.... just don't play with nail guns, jump up and down on your bed in a skirt or stand precariously on chairs and you'll be fine.....