Tuesday, 23 September 2008

run times in the paper

Well what a treat, our run times were in the paper today - Emmas time 1.21.57, Sue 1.24, Karen 1.27.33, and mwa' 1.44 not bad considering the traffic jam at 6km mark where the 2nd set of walkers joined in and my big cough splutter/ slow down at the 9km mark.... I am well chuffed and something to improve on next year! wooohoooo...


  1. Hi Ang

    Many thanks for your lovely comments as always.....

    Congratulations on your run....fit girl!

    I love the little annexe for your kiln...so sweet and a great idea to expand from the box.

    Cheers Amanda x

  2. Congrats Ang, good effort as I know you had a bug that was quite nasty and I didn't know whether you would consider running after that. Also seen your poster through the streets and received a mailer in the letterbox for the election, Good luck.

  3. hey, just found your blog... beautiful work! i spent some time digging around.. thoroughly enjoyed it!