Sunday, 21 September 2008

run fun!!

Hiya, just back from the 12km city to bay fun run adelaide to glenelg... It's our 1st year in & we'll probably do it next year.

I'm not certain of my time yet they'll be posted on tuesday and I may just be surprised. I raised some funds for autism SA from whom i got the lovely purple t-shirt & hat, not my usual colour!! We all did well- in photo me, emma my niece, sister sue, & karen sues friend from work who with her partner kindly gave us a lift to the city today and then home after thanks so much!! no bussing! I really wasn't looking forward to that.. 

The weather was lovely allbeit a bit chilly this morning 7.30 in the city for 8am start, it was a rolling start in waves as it included wheelchair and elite athletes completing in just over 30 mins.

I'm thinking around the 1.45 mark but really pleased to make it under 2hrs, em did about 1hr 20, then karen then sue and me the lungs kinda packed in with 3km to go so I slowed a fair bit to recover, I think the recent virus and asthma were taking their toll..even so feel pretty good now. Happy potting all....


  1. It's freezing here in Paris but your pictures gave me a great bowlful of sunshine and sea air, thanks!

  2. hi m-l glad you enjoyed it was a lovely day about 22deg c unfortunately raining today...oh well...

  3. Congratulations! I stopped running this past summer cold turkey for some reason - don't know why. You've given me inspiration to start up again. Two years ago, I ran a half marathon, and last year just a couple of 10ks. I'm not fast, but love the way it makes me feel.

    The beach does look enticing!

  4. The words Run & fun should not be in the same room together let alone the same sentance. God it looks sunny over there.

  5. I know but if they called it run torture nobody would do it.. yep sun even shines when its raining!...!