Saturday, 30 August 2008

how does this go again...

I'm firing my little gas kiln today. I headed out this morning to light up very bleary and red eyed... really this little virus has been lingering a tad too long for me...over it...anywho light up proceedure followed to a tee then the gas ran out luckily I'm in between providers and have a spare tank.. So I looked in my log it's been 12 months since my last! that's too long... anyway better go turn things up a notch.

Baby's all a glow! well cone '8' went down about 3.30pm but i have my suspicions that its something else  masquerading as an 8 coz 9 hasn't budged yet its now 5pm. had lots of smoke and flame from the chimney so its looks good for some carbon in the shino, also switched the bottles #1 is freezing up and I've opened up the dampers a bit too. 

That's more like it 7pm and 9 is starting to tip- so I have no idea what "8" was maybe I should have worn my glasses!! and sort out my cones... I'm trying the finishing off with dropping some bits of timber in thanks to Joe Finch's suggestion lots to look forward to this week... 

9.30pm all finished cone 10 down wacked in another piece of wood for good luck, I flashed the torch in to have a look at the glaze mmmmmm yummy glossy stuff's to opening on monday....


  1. You are brave! And doing it all with a virus too... I hope you're feeling better and are rewarded for your efforts with great pots. Looking forward to seeing the results!

  2. Feel better soon!

    The kiln looks interesting - I have such limited experience with gas kilns...

  3. hi patricia,
    my colllege training was all about gas reduction kiln firing, and then it's all practise..the firing looked promising lots of smoke and flame at the flue..we'll see monday

    hi cynthia,

    thanks getting there, it's a local design kiln called a hot box, all fibre, metal frame, it's 2nd hand picked it up for $400 and made some repairs and modifications to 2nd'ry air flow and flue made wider and of course the paint job yes the external fibre too its ceiling white! and the door needed new locking mech. actually nearly rebuilt it! it was fun...

  4. Yea new pots soon! Can't wait to see them. Hope you're feeling better.