Friday, 22 August 2008

fishy started it all

fishy started it all, I wanted to make an outdoor table and decided to use the designs from a blue & white workshop at the jam factory.. with that idea in mind the tiles came about to work as part of the decoration and surface texture. 
then roll on into the next project a wall piece for the oz asia festival, 'planes trains and ferry boat rides' about my trip to hong kong for my birthday a few years ago, we stayed with my sisters relative on Lama island and spent a lot of time travelling in 1 week. 
roll that on into the next tile project all kevins doing and what has turned out to be a very interesting challenge 2 large outdoor tables a commission for kevins friend and art fan.. with the loose theme of 'tuscany' and bright colourings of course my interpretation of that is a lend of landscape painters particularly cezanne and the cyprus trees, the design again interlaces the brush work and the large geometric tile shapes creating the surface interest.


  1. Very cool table design!

    I visited Hong Kong in 1995 right before the British left and had so much fun. I had never been any place so blazing hot in my life before. (It was July)

    One of my most memorable days was going to Lantau Island and seeing the "biggest Buddha" statue in the world and having lunch with the monks at the Po Lin Monastery.

    We stayed at Discovery Bay with some ex-pats one of my friends knew.

    Congrats on the commission!

    As to my blog link, when I hover over it, it just shows and doesn't have the blog attached to it. Without seeing the interface, I'm not really sure what to tell you. What's weird is that it's picking up my latest post from my feed.

  2. wow, sounds like you had a great trip..just a glitch perhaps in the link no matter the feed works fine...